March 2014

Sony and Panasonic training for new products including new 4K projectors undertaken.

October 2013

Insight Technical Support becomes NSW's only remaining Sony Authorised Service Centre for B&P products after the removal of authorisation of a Seven Hills service centre due to lack of a professional capable technician.

February 2013

To make room for Blue Scope in the VA Hire building, Insight has moved to 33 Whiting Street, the home of Digihire and the former home of Macray Specialised Services.

January 2012

Moved from Video 8 building to new workshop at VA Hire building 20 Whiting Street. Sony/ Panasonic service centre will continue as before and will help support VA Hire's Sony and Arri Alexa camera systems.

July 2010

Jig and equipment purchases to support PDWF800 cameras

March 2009

We have upgraded jigs and test equipment of Insight to cover HDCAM SR, SRW5500 and SRW5800 decks.

January 2009

Test equipment upgrades to cover HDSDI dual link 4:4:4 capability

August 2007

Further upgrades, jigs and equipment purchase to cover XDCAM disk based systems.

July 2006

Training and jig/ equipment upgrades to support Panasonic D5 HD systems

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